MVA Driving test | Extra Driving Practice

MVA Driving Test Service

This service is for anyone who needs a vehicle AND a licensed driver to accompany them to the MVA Driving Test. For only $120 we can have our driver take you to your scheduled MVA Driving Test. You will use our MVA-certified vehicle for your driving test and our driver will then bring you back to our office or your home.

Additional Practice

Whether it is MVA test preparation or working on a specific skill you can use our two private or extra driving practice sessions to sharpen your driving skill. These packages come in 2hr, 4hr, 6hr & 10hr packages. You can use these hours to practice and fine-tune your driving skills as well as practice for your MVA Driving Test. Lessons are given to address the driving skills that the driver and instructor have determined to have a need for improvement.

  •  2 hours – $100
  •  4 hours – $200
  • 6 hours – $280
  • 10 hours – $450

Our Extra Practice sessions are aimed to strengthen the safe driving skills of the following groups:

25 and over Student Drivers

You are 25 or up and do not have Driver’s License yet? You are not alone. The State of Maryland requires student drivers aged 25 and older to practice at least 14hrs of driving including 3 hours at night. All Sights Driving School would help you practice for your driving license.

Please stop by our office to set up your MVA Driving Test appointments and payments

Please note, that failure to cancel 24 hours ahead of time will incur a $55 charge.

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