You may have noticed that at the end of August and beginning of September, traffic congestion increases. Part of this can be attributed to college students returning to campus in their own vehicles or being dropped off by their parents. Any type of increased traffic and distracted driving lead to a higher incidence of accidents due to the dangerous road conditions created. With young drivers consumed by mobile devices, they are considered even more prone to distracted driving than older drivers. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says this is part of the reason why U.S. traffic deaths have increased 8% from 2014 to 2015. During this time of year, when young people are going back to school, Lawley wanted to give you some easy back to school driving safety tips to help stay focused on the road and to put down those distracting devices..

Wear Seat Belts for Back To School Driving AND Always

Any time you are in a car, wear your seat belt. To put it quite plainly, seat belts save lives. Also, ensure that any children are in the appropriate car or booster seat for their age and weight.

Plan A route and give extra time

When you are going to a new place, it is common to be looking at a GPS device or map because you are in unfamiliar territory. Instead, plan out the route ahead of time and have a passenger assist in directions so you can focus on driving. Taking your time is also critical, as rushing leads to more accidents.

Watch your speed especially in work zones

Although it is the beginning of summer, construction is still in season. Stay focused on changing speed zones and watch out for workers on the side of the road. Always move over when you see a construction worker or vehicle so you give them a wide berth. This makes it safer for you and for them. Also, set your cruise control to stay at the appropriate speed limit. You won’t get a ticket and traffic will move along smoothly.

Avoid distracted driving

Never text or pick up your phone while driving. In addition, although it can be tempting, don’t program your GPS while behind the wheel. Another tip that people often forget when driving with pets is that they should be secured in the back of the car so they do not distract the driver. Avoiding these distractions and keeping your eyes on the road can help you get to your destination accident-free.

Roadside Assistance

Plan ahead for an accident. Have the phone numbers of towing companies you trust or roadside assistance programs at the ready before you even get in the car. In fact, you should keep a list of these numbers in your glove box so that they are always on hand.

Make sure you have the right coverage

Make sure you have the proper automobile insurance. Update your insurance identification cards and check what drivers are covered on your policy. Sometimes auto policies don’t cover passengers in the car or someone who is driving that is not under the insurance. If you have questions about your automobile insurance.