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WE WILL OPEN THE WORLD of knowledge for you! Our responsability is  TO HELP YOU! We have been teaching driver education to people of all ages for over 10 years.  Whatever your skill level, we can show you the rules of the road so that you can  be a safe driver. We offer classes with a variety of class times so that you can  find the right session to fit your schedule.   All our drivers instructors are fully qualified and Certified by the State of Maryland.  At Silver Start Driving School we are dedicated to providing you with best quality service and unique enjoyable experience. We are the ideal driving school for new  Drivers, Adults, and Corporate Employees.  We insist that all our instructors be fully competent and knowledgeable of the  State of Maryland Drivers Education Curriculum in addition to teaching the state curriculum in a challenging interesting manner.               Welcome  You've come to the right place! Enriching STUDENTS IN EDUCATION! PREMIUM © Silver Start Driving School. 2012  All rights reserved Developed by Integrity Communications Español English